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Social Care Review

Social Workers in some regions, are obliged to fill a heavy quota that puts pressure on Social Workers to write totally inaccurate reports against one or both parents, that misinform Judges to make unjustified Court Decisions
The true potential for any parent to harm their own child is extremely low and incidents of this are in fact extremely rare

Overcoming a strong gender bias

For several decades, the news reports and academic papers have referred to father figures including male perpetrators as "the dad". Political organisations and perpetrators always encourage children to call men in their home, dad. Consequently, biological fathers are routinely blamed and denied access to their children. In 2011, national charities claimed that maternal family and friends perpetrated 85 to 95% of child abuse

Family Court judgements are based on 'the balance of probability', resulting in prejudicial, often fraudulent reports that ultimately destroy families and make vulnerable, fatherless children freely available

Perpetrators target single mothers with fatherless children who are then easily taken into Care

Help us to stop this domino effect, perpetuating child abuse within broken families

Please discuss your case with us if you were misrepresented or misreported in Social Care or Family Law proceedings

These reports may need documents that require permission if marked such as, "Not to be shared" or "Confidential". Never share medical records unless permitted by a Judge or Sheriff.

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